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Bullseye Combo Models

February 12, 2020
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About this Trailer

The Bullseye models now are also offered in a "stock combo" version. Like standard Bullseye models these trailers are 6'9" wide and 7' tall, they come in a 2 or 3 horse size bumper pull and a 3 or 4 horse size goose neck. You can also choose a smooth exterior skin in the stall area or choose the corrugated skin option. Rear gate options include a double door or single back gate. On the goose neck models you also have the option of three larger tack room configurations. (5' short wall, 5' short wall w/ a side tack or a 5' short wall w/ dual man doors and dual swing out saddle racks) The goose neck combos come with a slanted center gate and you have the option for horse dividers on both the bumper pull and the goose neck models. These should be very popular models for the person who needs the occasional stock combo trailer or those that live in warmer climates and prefer the open air flow a combo offers.

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