What defines a Logan Coach?

Sure Grip Permanent Rubber Floor

Sure Grip is a permanent, self draining rubber floor that replaces rubber floor mats.  Floor mats often shift during transport. Since Sure Grip is adhered to the Whiz Proof aluminum floor, it offers superior traction because it always stays put.  It is easy to clean and maintain as it is seamlessly attached to the trailer and does not need to be removed for upkeep.  Sure Grip compliments the Whiz Proof slatted aluminum floor by allowing moisture to drain, without having to drill holes in the floor, helping to eliminate the ammonia odors while drying excess waste from circulating air under the trailer through the floor to dry excess waste, which can't be said of trailers built with flat aluminum floor sheets. Our Whiz proof aluminum floors are coated with the Vortex rubber spray lining so they are never exposed to the harmful effects from Urine sitting on them and potentially corroding them.

Whiz Proof Flooring

Whiz Proof slatted aluminum floor with Vortex spray rubber coating – heavy extruded aluminum plank floor is stronger than the flat aluminum sheets used by the competition and, just as important, it drains! In addition, Vortex spray rubber is adhered to the plank floor, which seals out moisture, making the Whiz Proof outlast any other type of aluminum floor. When combined with the sure grip permanent rubber flooring you have the perfect flooring system that just makes sense!

Galva-Strong Frame

Galvanized structural tubing is used exclusively in the structure, making up the rust-resistant Galva-Strong frame found in all Logan Coach trailers. Galva-Strong tubing is 18% stronger than black-steel tubing, 50% More strength at the welded joint than aluminum, is three times stronger than aluminum, and does not rust like black-steel framed trailers. Lifetime Structural Corrosion Warranty to the Original owner.   See Owners Manual for details.

Vortex Rubber Coating

Offers Strength and Kick Protection in the Stall Area, eliminates “Road Blast” on Front of gooseneck, reduces road vibration, protects against oxidation, easy to clean and maintain, and preserves the Good Look of Your Trailer

Double Kick Walls

STANDARD in Logan Coach Horse and Stock trailers

Logan Coach Horse and Stock trailers are built standard with a 48" high double kick wall (often referred to as "triple wall" by others ) adding considerable more strength in the stall area than trailers built by the competition.  Double Kick Walls also protect the exterior of your trailer from unsightly blemishes caused by livestock passengers.