Extra-Large, Competitively-Priced Trailers for Warmbloods

Looking for a horse trailer specifically designed for warmblood horses? Logan Coach's Warmblood horse trailers are extra-large, to easily and comfortably accommodate your warmblood stallions or mares, while also comfortably accommodating your wallet.

White  •  Black  •  Silver  •  Champagne
* Prices & Model Specifications may vary on Individual Dealerships Shown with Optional HD Doors
Warmblood Extra Features
2+1 Stall Area 2+1 Stall Area
Optional Drop-Down Feed Door Optional Drop-Down Feed Door
Warmblood Stall Area Warmblood Stall Area
2+1 Optional Curb Side Ramp 2+1 Optional Curb Side Ramp
Color Options Available Color Options Available
Standard Rear Door Configuration Standard Rear Door Configuration