About Us

Manufacturing Logan Coach Trailers Since 1985

Logan Coach originated in the high mountain valley of Logan, Utah in 1985 with a group of horse enthusiasts who believed that trailers could be built better. This belief and passion has continued over the last 30 years as Logan Coach has consistently met and exceeded the expectations of its customers. Understanding that trailers are only as good as the materials and craftsmanship that goes into them, Logan Coach has risen above the pack by offering Logan Coach horse trailers with a galvanized steel sub-frame and aluminum exterior. Instead of focusing only on aluminum or steel as most manufacturers do, Logan Coach seamlessly blends them together, creating strong, yet lightweight trailers that are extremely affordable. Logan Coach is also one of the only manufacturers to produce a full line of living quarter packages and motorcycle trailers, all designed and installed in-house. Logan Coach also offers a full, 8-year structural warranty and a 2-year hitch-to-bumper warranty. Logan Coach prides itself with the best-qualified dealers in the market, giving each and every customer the best service and experience possible.



  • Offers Kick Protection in the Stall Area
  • Eliminates “Road Blast” on Front of GN
  • Reduces Horse Trailer Road Vibration
  • protects Horse Trailer Against Oxidation
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Preserves the Good Look of Your Horse Trailer


Whiz Proof slatted aluminum floor with Vortex spray rubber coating – heavy extruded aluminum plank floor is stronger than the flat aluminum sheets used by the competition and, just as important, it drains! In addition, Vortex spray rubber is adhered to the plank floor, which seals out moisture, making the Whiz Proof outlast any other type of aluminum floor. It just makes sense.


SureGrip/Permanent/Self-Draining Rubber Flooring is available as an upgrade to traditional rubber floor mats. Floor mats often shift during transport, since SureGrip is adhered to the floor, it offers superior traction because it always stays put in the horse trailer. It is easy to clean and maintain as it is seamlessly integrated to the horse trailer and does not need to be removed for maintenance. SureGrip compliments the Whiz Proof slatted aluminum floor by allowing moisture to drain, which can’t be said of horse trailers built with flat aluminum sheets on the floor.


Galvanized structural tubing is used exclusively in the structure, making up the rust-resistant Galva-Strong Frame found in all Logan Coach trailers.

  • Galva-Strong Tubing is 18% Stronger than Black-Steel Tubing
  • Galva-Strong Tubing has 50% More Strength at the Welded Joint than Aluminum
  • Pound for Pound, Galva-Strong is Three Times Stronger than Aluminum
  • Galva-Strong Frames Do Not Rust like Black-Steel Framed Trailers


3M VHB (very high bond) Adhesive System is the bonding method Logan Coach has chosen to adhere the aluminum to the galvanized frame. VHB is a double-sided adhesive tape that offers 25% better adhesion than welding. Perhaps its biggest advantage is that it allows sheets to expand and contract in extreme temperatures. VHB tape has many other advantages, including a quieter ride, a more sleek appearance, sealing out moisture and reducing the need for unsightly mechanical fasteners.

BIGGER STALLS (Deluxe & Ultimate Class)

Logan Coach deluxe-size stalls are the largest, non-custom stalls in the horse trailer industry. Measuring 135” diagonally, each stall is large enough to promote better airflow, keeping horses more comfortable. But, perhaps the greatest advantage to these deluxe stalls is that horses of all sizes have more room to stretch in the stall, allowing them to relax and feel more at ease; thus promoting normal health functions, which is a huge benefit to horses spending considerable time in a horse trailer.